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Staff Directory

Please note you can find more information about your child's classroom teacher by going to their classroom website. Below are the primary email address and phone extensions for each member of our staff. 

Please dial the school main number: 650-482-2411 then enter the extension for the person you wish to reach. Teachers may not answer their phone during teaching hours, but will return calls on their breaks or after school. 






Sara Shackel Principal  3341 

Kelly Noriega Assistant Principal  3285
Camelia Vega Nava Office Manager  3273
Peggy Tsanakas  Office Assistant  3282 
Gina Sitte Outreach / Counselor  3445

Kristi Yeh Counselor
Liz Latham Resource/Spec Ed Teacher  3261 
Brian Cagle PE 3268
Carol McNamara Music Instructor   4698
Amanda Hoff 3rd grade  3460
Cherrill Roth 3rd grade   3290
Tatum Williams 3rd grade   3286
Katherine Machemer 4th grade  3274
Bruce Robinson 4th grade   3281 
Brenda Whitla Pinto 4th grade   3279 
Brenda Robinson  5th grade   3287 
Ruth Snyder 5th grade   3270
Heidi Sjolund 5th grade   3280
John Haynes 6th grade   3283
Jacob Havey  6th grade   3289
Gwen Minor 6th grade   3275 
Lorraine Martin 7th grade   3265
Stephanie Vance 7th grade  3262
David Flint 7th grade  3269
Ariana Baltay 8th grade  3267 
Manasa Suresh 8th grade   3278
Zena Fadel 8th grade  3264