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Pick up and Drop off Safety


Picking up and Dropping out your student at school

North Star's important rules to be aware of for driving, dropping off, and picking up students from school. Student safety at school is our top priority! Remember, our best options are carpool, walking, or taking Sam Trans!!! 

  1. BE QUICK: The drive-through area is meant for quick drop-offs or pick-ups only - please encourage your child(ren) to move quickly and safely at the lineup. Stopping, or short-term parking is not allowed. Please also move forward if there is an open space in front of you. Stopping bogs up James which creates many angry drivers.
  2. U-TURNS ARE NOT ALLOWED going either direction on Duane Street. This is not only a posted traffic law, but ensures the safety of all pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.
  3. Always USE A CROSSWALK! We have too many students jay-walking across Duane Street to get to school. If you drop-off or pick up across the street from school, they MUST walk to the crosswalk at either Harrison or James.
  4. NO LEFT ONTO JAMES ST: Please note that left turns are not allowed onto James Street from Duane St. between 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm.
  5. Please DO NOT BLOCK CROSSWALKS and remember that PEDESTRIANS HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY at James/Duane or Harrison/Duane. Please allow pedestrians to cross the street before you turn onto Duane or onto Harrison or James. Please follow the rules of stop signs to ensure all cars turn in an orderly manner.
  6. The MIT SEMI-CIRCLE is only for staff. Please DO NOT use the semi-circle to drop off or pick up students, or to turn around onto Duane Street. (After School programs are permitted to pick up here if staff have left for the day.)
  7. Please DO NOT BLOCK DRIVEWAYS: This includes the driveways for the MIT semi-circle, the NSA staff parking lot, and those of our neighbors' on Duane St. Busses need to be able to safely enter and exit.

Last Modified on August 8, 2022