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School Safety


North Star Academy’s Emergency Preparedness Plan

North Star participates in several drills throughout the school year to prepare your students, and the staff, for any emergencies that might arise during the school year. We use the Big Five Protocol established by the San Mateo County Office of Education as our guidelines.

While we all hope there will be no real emergency, it is important to be prepared, have a plan, and ensure safety for all students and adults at North Star. Emergency preparedness comes down to “Thinking on Your Feet”, and that’s where practicing drills will benefit our students – practice builds memory on what to do in a situation.

The drills we will practice thru the year in preparation for real life emergencies –



When would this be necessary? For an external environmental issue (example – chemical spill, fire/smoke in the area, bee swarm).

During this drill: Students will stay in their classrooms with doors and windows closed. The school day will continue as usual without an outside recess until notified. Notification will come from the Redwood City School District and/or the Police Department.



When would this be necessary? Earthquake

During this drill: Students Drop, Cover And Hold On under their desks. 

Once the shaking period has ended, students and teachers, will move from the classrooms to the blacktop and their emergency numbered location. Attendance is taken, students move to the field with supervision. Various staff members report to their assigned Emergency Team positions (First Aide, Entertainment, Search and Rescue, Food and Water, Student Check out) 



When would this be necessary? If there were a potential threat of danger in the surrounding community. (example – Police action in the area)

During this drill: students will stay in the classrooms with the doors and windows closed, and locked. All students and staff remain inside and instructions will continue. Police would notify the school when it is safe.



When would this be necessary? Hostile intruder on campus. 

During this drill: Teachers will try to lock doors and students will build barricades at entrance points. It is important to understand that this drill, more than any other, requires staff and students to “Think on Their Feet”. In a real situation they may need to quickly take safe shelter where ever they can and barricade any access to the room they shelter in.



During a Hostile intruder or otherwise directed to – students and teachers should evacuate campus to our safe off site location – Whole Foods parking lot (El Camino and Harrison streets) 



In an emergency – communications will be handled by the Redwood City School District

Using Blackboard Connect to send texts and phone messages to all parents with immediate information about the emergency and procedures for student reunification/pickup. If the Redwood City Police is in charge of the area then they will coordinate information with the District office. 

It is extremely important throughout the year, that the office is kept current on all phone number updates so that Emergency contact is correct.



Procedure for Reuniting Parents/Guardians with their students if we are not able to remain in regular classrooms –

Examples of this would be damage to building and all students are on the field behind campus, or, if school had to be evacuated and all students were off site (Whole Foods parking lot at El Camino & Harrison streets).

  • Updated parent/guardian lists will allow office staff to check students out to approved emergency contact people. 
  • Please be sure to notify office of any updates on these contacts.
  • Parents/guardians will need to check their student out from office staff at a designed check out station. Runners will be used to gather students.
  • If we shelter off site – Whole Foods parking lot - it is even more important that these same checkout procedures be followed in order to ensure all students are safely reunited.



Students should also know their home emergency procedures. 

Don’t forget to set up a home plan of what to do and where to meet up.

Last Modified on September 9, 2021